Kitchener-Waterloo Hundreds of Winter Childrens & Youth Activities

Kitchener-Waterloo's winter's are typical for Canada, with the "lake effect" keeping them somewhat mild, yet allowing a lot of snow to fall. Barring unusual cold spells, there is enough snow to make snow forts, toboggan and cross-country ski in the city. Here are a couple of winter suggestions:

  1. Skate outdoors Many communities maintain outdoor rinks, but you can also visit the more scenic outdoor rinks (no hockey sticks):
  2. Take a hike along the city's bike paths. They're especially pretty with fresh snow on the ground. The most scenic are along the top edge of the Escarpment.
  3. Go tobogganning at the various hills in the area
  4. Head out of town The countryside around Kitchener-Waterloo has some winter wonderlands with lots of snow.

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