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Kitchener-Waterloo Events

Here are some upcoming events held in and around Kitchener-Waterloo:

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Kitchener Rangers host the Guelph Storm in exciting OHL Hockey action Kitchener-Waterloo EventKitchener Rangers host the Guelph Storm in exciting OHL Hockey action (runs 1/20/2017)

Catch exciting OHL Jr "A" hockey action

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Cambridge Farmers' Market: Year-round Saturday Kitchener-Waterloo EventCambridge Farmers' Market: Year-round Saturday (runs 1/21/2017)

Since 1830 at the same location. Farm goods and fresh-picked fruits and vegetables, in season. Named the best year-round Farmers' Market in Ontario by Foodland Ontario for 2001.

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Elora Farmers Market Kitchener-Waterloo EventElora Farmers Market (runs 1/21/2017)

Local organic produce, meats, preserves, and artisan cheeses along with demos and entertainment

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Guelph Farmers' Market Kitchener-Waterloo EventGuelph Farmers' Market (runs 1/21/2017)

Operating downtown for over 173 years, Our market vendors include local farmers, dairies, artisans and producer

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Kitchener Farmers Market Kitchener-Waterloo EventKitchener Farmers Market (runs 1/21/2017)

Since the 1830s, Kitchener's weekly market has offered fresh & quality meat, fowl, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, herbs, roots, fish, cheese and flowers. A modern urban market with 50-foot transparent ceilings provide natural light.

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Kitchener-Waterloo Savings

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Kitchener-Waterloo Events

Here are some upcoming arts & cultural events held in and around Kitchener-Waterloo:

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No theatrical/arts events posted for the next two weeks

view listing for Guelph CineplexKitchener-Waterloo EntertainmentGuelph Cineplex

8 screen multiplex movie cinema. See FoundLocally's movie theatre showtimes in Entertainment

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view listing for Guelph Storm Hockey ClubKitchener-Waterloo EntertainmentGuelph Storm Hockey Club

Guelph Storm are Guelph's Junior A team in the Ontario Hockey League . The Guelph Storm play at the Sleeman in downtown Guelph.

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view listing for Empire Waterloo TheatresKitchener-Waterloo EntertainmentEmpire Waterloo Theatres

12 screen multiplex movie cinema. See FoundLocally's movie theatre showtimes in Entertainment. Movie Line: (519) 576-7600

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view listing for Hilarious Magician Sam PearceKitchener-Waterloo EntertainmentHilarious Magician Sam Pearce

Illusionist Sam Pearce is guaranteed to make your event unforgettable!Trusted by: AMEC Nuclear, BDO, CGA, Dominion Lending, Direct Energy, Economical Insurance, Imperial Oil, Maple Leaf Foods, Manulife, OLG Casinos, Red Cross, Scotiabank, Suncor...

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view listing for Frederick Twin Cinemas (2)Kitchener-Waterloo EntertainmentFrederick Twin Cinemas (2)

2 screen movie cinema. See FoundLocally's movie theatre showtimes in Entertainment

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Kitchener-Waterloo Arts & Entertainment

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Checkout the other things happening in the local entertainment scene, as well as the many festivals throughout the year.

Kitchener-Waterloo Restaurants

Waterloo's Brick Brewery

Kitchener-Waterloo has over 400 restaurants, ranging from diners and fast food for families and a quick bite, up to the four-star establishments where a nice dinner for two can easily be a hundred dollars, before wine. Kitchener is more than steaks, and has its fair share of seafood and sushi, as well a full complement of almost any ethic cuisine you can imagine. The city's youth also make for thriving nightlife.

Kitchener-Waterloo Drinking Spots

Check out the area's bars, lounges, pubs and coffee shops. There's lots of places to go out and meet your friends (or ones you don't know yet!)

Kitchener-Waterloo Sports & Recreation

Cambridge's Sportsworld

There are lots of sports opportunities in Kitchener-Waterloo Yes, we have some semi-pro competitive sports, but Kitchener-Waterloo is an active city. It seems everybody is doing something to stay in shape. FoundLocally has descriptions and information about over 40 sports. Get involved, alone, on a team, or in a league!

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