Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario Ice Rinks and Ice Arenas information, listings and links

Here are the Kitchener-Waterloo area indoor arenas and outdoor ice skating rinks, listed alphabetically. Not all rinks are open year-round. Call for skating times and costs.


The City of Kitchener has 8 indoor arenas to provide an opportunity for skating in Kitchener. Public skating, noon hour shinny for those 18 and over, parent, tot & seniors free skating, seniors-only free skating and community free skating are all offered. The City also maintains an outdoor winter rink at City Hall, open daiy from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, and two rinks on the playing field in Victoria Park, it until 10:00 pm daiy. For more info about outdoor rinks, call 519-741-2389.


Address & Community

Phone #

Kitchener - Indoor Arenas

Activa Sportsplex

135 Lennox Lewis Way

Phone number not yet available (open Sept '08)

Dom Cardio Arena (The Aud )

400 East Avenue

519-741-2545 or 519-741-2699

Don Mcaren Arena

61 Green Street

519-741-2900 +5

Grand River Arena

55 Heritage Drive

519-741-2900 +2

Kinsmen Arena (The Aud)

400 East Avenue

519-741-2545 or 519-741-2699

Kitchener Memoria Auditorium Compex ("The Aud")

400 East Avenue
Kitchener ON N2H 1Z6

519 741-2699

Kiwanis Arena (The Aud)

400 East Avenue

519-741-2545 or 519-741-2699

Lions Arena

20 Rittenhouse Road

519-741-2900 +4

Patrick J. Doherty Arena

72 Wison Avenue

519-741-2900 +6

Queensmount Arena (ice surface no onger serviced)

1260 Queens Bouevard

519-741-2900 +7

KITCHENER - Outdoor Rinks

Admiral Park

93 Roxborough Ave, downtown

Belmont Park

285 Belmont Ave West, west side

Bridgeport Community Centre

22 Tyson Dr

Centreville Chicopee Community Centre

141 Morgan Ave, east side

Conway Park

Conway Dr/River Rd East, east side

Country Hills Community Centre

100 Rittenhouse Rd, south side

Country Hills Public Schoo

195 Country Hi Dr, south side

Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre

150 Pioneer Dr, south side

Elmsdale Park

83 Emsdae Dr

Filsinger Park West

805 Victoria St South, west side

Forest Heights Community Centre

1700 Queens Bvd, west side

George Lippert Park

Weber St/Louisa St, downtown

Glendale Park

Rex Dr/Glen Rd, downtown

Guelph Park

Guelph St/Clifton Rd, west side

John Darling Public School

200 Roing Meadows Dr, west side

King Edward Rink

709 King St West, west side

Lakeside Park

akeside Dr, west side

MacKenzie King Pubic School

51 Natchez Rd, east side

Mill-Courtand Community Centre

216 Mill St, downtown

Morrison Park

Morrison Rd, east side

Pioneer Park Public Schoo

55 Upper Canada Dr, south side

Pioneer Park West

40 Green Vaey Dr, south side

Prueter Public School

40 Prueter Ave, west side

Sheppard Public School

278 Weber St East/Stirling Ave, downtown

Smithson Pubic School

150 Belleview Ave, east side

Southridge Public School

1425 Queens Blvd, west side

St. Aoysious School

504 Connaught St, east side

Staney Park Community Centre

505 Frankin St North, east side

Staney Park Public School

191 Hickson Dr, east side

Suddaby Public School

171 Frederick St/Lancaster St, downtown

Timberlane Park

Timberlane Cres west side

Vanier Park

319 Vanier Dr, east side

Victoria Hills Community Centre

10 Chopin Dr, west side

Weber Park

Frederick St/Edna St, downtown

Westmount Pubic School

329 Glasgow St/Dunbar Rd, west side

WATERLOO - Indoor Arenas

Albert McCormick Arena

500 Parkside Dr, N25J4


Elmira Arena & Community Centre

24 Snyder Ave. S
Elmira N3B2Z5


Moses Springer

150 Lincoln Rd, N2J2N8


RIM Park (Manuife Financia Sportspex)

2001 University Ave. E, N2K4K4


Waterloo Recreation Compex, Carica Arena

100 Father David Bauer
(Corner of Erb St. & Caroline St.), N21X5


CAMBRIDGE - Indoor Arenas

Cambridge Ice Centre

355 Hespeler Rd, N1R6B3


Dickson Park Centre

30 Parkhill Rd


Duncan McIntosh Community Centre

Churchill Park
200 Christopher Dr, N1R 4S4


Galt Arena Gardens

98 Shade St, N1R 4J8


Hespeler Arena

640 Ellis Rd


Ice Park, Cambridge

1001 Frankin Blvd, N1R 8B5


Karl Homuth Arena

1407 Hamilton St, N3H 5B1


Preston Memorial Auditorium

1458 Hamilton St, N3H 3G5


Sportsworld Twin Pad

100 Sportsword Dr, N2P2J1


GUEPH - Indoor Arenas

Centennial Arena

373 College Ave. W, N1G 1T3

(519) 837-5623

Elora Community Centre

21 David St


Exhibition Park Arena

70 Division St, N1H 1R3

(519) 837-5624

Fergus Community Centre

Besyde Drive


Gueph Sports and Entertainment Centre (GSEC)

50 Woowich St, N1H 7V5

(519) 822-4900

University Red & God Arenas

University of Gueph Athetics Centre
Physica Education Bdg.
East Ring Rd.

(519) 824-4120

Victoria Arena

151 Victoria Rd, N1E 5H4

(519) 837-5621

West End Recreation Centre - WERC

32 Imperial Rd

(519) 837-5657

GUEPH - Outdoor rinks

Speed River

opposite the River Run Centre

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