Kitchener-Waterloo Tips For Travelling Sustainably - Taking the Next Steps

Here are tips for Taking the Next Steps on your sustainable and envionmentally concious vacation and business travel:

  1. Offset Your Travel
    Carbon offsets can help mitigate your environmental impact, to offset greenhouse gas emissions created by driving, flying or cruising. You can do this in addition to travelling responsibly by recycling, supporting local cultures, and using low-emission, energy-saving transportation options. Organizations such as Sustainable Travel International enable you to fund carbon offsets online, at rates that reflect the cost of local carbon offset projects in the areas where you travel.

  2. Share Your Information
    Pas on your travel research including maps, guidebooks, brochures with fellow travellers, instead of abandoning them at your hotel, in the trash bin, or in the airplane seat-back pocket.
    Share your reading materials and your magazines, newspapers, paperback books with fellow travellers. Many resort hotels have a free book exchange, handy for finding English language books in other countries. Gently used books can be brought home and shared with friends and family, donated them to the local public library, or traded them for cash or credit at a local used book store.

  3. Make a Suggestion
    If you have suggestions to reduce a hotel's and restaurant's environmental impact, let the owners know what more they could be doing. Customer feedback is important for their ability to improve. Pass on any of these suggestions when filling out a comment card at the end of your stay.

More sustainable and envionmentally concious vacation and business travel suggestions.

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